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As Christians it is not a matter of what man himself carries out with his own resources, but what God does through him; and the praise for our work should remain with God alone.

Polebridge is a unique place, exclusive by virtue of its remoteness and special because it was designed to showcase the glory of God's creation.

God has great plans for us all and we hope to share the glory of this place with all He leads our way. We trust in his faithfulness and we hope to draw strength from one another to honor God.

In faith our home is a place where friends can gather to find satisfying answers to spiritual questions and experience a practical demonstration of Christian faith. We call our home "Faithful Keep" because a steadfast faith in Jesus Christ is our hope.

Jackie and Bob Graham


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Welcome to Our Home

2015 Christmas Party

Blessed in many ways, we would like to share our home with you. We enjoy guests and we hope our hospitality is as much of a blessing to you as it is to us.

We have an anual North Forkers Christmas Party every year and all North Forkers are invited. During the rest of the year please stop in and visit us. We realize you cannot reach us by phone as cell service in not available, so a visit is how we communicate up here.

If we invited you and you are a total stranger, well, it's for real, we love meeting new people. So please stop by. Enjoy a beer, a glass of wine or just some cold mountain water. It is the fun of life share our gifts with one another.


Fun in Glacier National Park

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Faithful Keep in Winter



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